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Asset Management

On our initial meetings, DIA will consult with you to determine an appropriate level of portfolio risk based on your needs, investment goals, and willingness to accept market risk. After considering these factors, as well as net worth and income, DIA will assist you in selecting an appropriate asset allocation. DIA will monitor each managed portfolio on an ongoing basis and will rebalance portfolios periodically as needed to maintain the desired level of risk in accordance with the applicable asset allocation strategy.

DIA uses passively managed (index) mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETF’s) to build a globally diversified portfolio based on a client’s risk profile and long term asset allocation.

Costs matter! This includes the fees that you pay your investment advisor. DIA’s professionally managed portfolios of low cost passively managed index funds/ETF’s minimize trading costs and ensure clients receive their fair share of market returns. This is in contrast to the high cost, commission driven model, of asset management utilized by many brokerage firms.


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Managing the complexities of substantial wealth is a full-time job. At DIA, we make your life easier by managing the day-to-day financial decisions and the long-term planning required to grow your wealth.