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There is the old saying that “what you don’t know won’t hurt you”. Well in the case of financial planning, especially regarding taxation and estate planning, this is definitely not the case. I have seen individuals who have failed to take action, or even worse, taken the incorrect course of action, resulting in significant sums paid in excess taxes or legal fees. In many cases, the unwarranted money spent on taxes and legal fees was more than they would have paid for my company’s planning service over the course of their lifetime. I do not mention this point to be an alarmist, but it does highlight the following point: applying practical planning principles through the oversight of a qualified professional can add value to your financial success.

Each individual or family financial situation presents its own unique set of circumstances and potential challenges. For many, there will be a wide range of goals and long term expectations to be fulfilled. DIA’s approach to financial planning offers a framework to enable your financial goals and expectations to be met in a realistic manner. Our process involves the development of a comprehensive and coordinated strategy which is implemented for the achievement of your specific goals. This process allows our clients to focus on what is important in their lives, and to tune out the day to day financial noise, that in many cases, side track individuals and families away from achieving their long term life goals.   

DIA works with your other financial professionals (CPA’s, attorneys, etc), or can recommend strategic partners to help guide you through the planning process with regards to estates, trusts, wealth transfers, charitable giving, insurance, and other important needs.

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Managing the complexities of substantial wealth is a full-time job. At DIA, we make your life easier by managing the day-to-day financial decisions and the long-term planning required to grow your wealth.