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DIA operates under the basic business premise that asset management and financial planning can be provided to clients in a cost effective manner free from conflicts of interest. Unfortunately, past practices of many companies within the financial services industry has resulted in a disservice to clients. Instead of providing sound, objective, and conflict free advice, the industry has focused on a business model of salespeople and product pushing.  

As a prospective client you should view DIA as an alternative to what is commonly offered as financial advisory services. If you are looking for an advisor who is located in the nicest office complex in town or provides clients with cocktail parties, hosted dinners, and golf tournaments “free of cost”, then you will be disappointed with the service DIA provides. If you recognize these amenities come at the expense of your returns, then you might want to consider what DIA has to offer. Astute investors understand that costs matter!

Diablo Investment Advisors, LLC is small and efficient. And while DIA cannot, and will not, provide the amenities mentioned above; what it can offer is high quality effective financial service at a very reasonable price.  


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DIA takes very seriously the fiduciary responsibility to act with good faith and integrity on your behalf. DIA has a strong sense of loyalty to your interests, and every action we take reflects that allegiance.